PTFE Products
PTFE Products are industrial grade components that are designed and developed by using high performance machineries to provide high dimensional accuracy. These are highly dense with a density of 2200 kilograms per cubic meters with a melting point up to 327 degrees Celsius.
Asbestos Products
Our company offers best in class Asbestos Products that are available in various different shapes and sizes as per the area of applications. They are added with metallic and fibrous filaments which gives extra tensile strength and abrasion resistance. 
Cast Nylon Products
Cast Nylon Products are highly finished and dimensionally accurate components that can be used in industrial and constructional applications. They are available in various different colors and shapes in sheets, rods and hollow pipes. 
Delrin Products
Delrin Products are light weight elements that can be used in the manufacturing of wide range of industrial and constructional grade components. These can be easily machined with the help of high speed cutting machineries and laser routers. 
Polypropylene(PP) Products
Krupa Polymers is a big name which deals in the manufacturing, supplying and exporting of premium class PP Products that are available in various different designs and sizes that can be customized according to customer demands. 
HDPE Product
We are offering best in class HDPE Product that are made up by using top grade high density poly ethylene with high crystallinity and density of 940 kilograms per cubic meters. They are suitable for industrial and constructional applications due to their high strength. 
UHMW Product
UHMW Product are extremely tough and robust components that are commonly used for the making of machine components due to their high abrasion and wear resistance. These molded parts are available in various shapes and sizes that can be customized as per clients demands.
Peek Products
PEEK Products supplied by our company are made up by using top grade thermoplastic materials which results in excellent strength to weight ratio. These polymeric components can be used in various engineering application and industrial machineries. 
Teflon Product
Experience the versatility of our Teflon product, meticulously crafted for exceptional performance. Known for its nonstick and heat-resistant properties, this product ensures reliability in various applications. From cookware to industrial uses, our Teflon product offers durability and efficiency, making it a trusted choice for diverse requirements.

PVC Products
PVC Products are synthetic polymeric elements that are highly demanding and popular due to their excellent resistance against water, chemical and heat attacks. Get these engineering class products from us in bulk at a low price range. 
Polyurethane Products
Polyurethane Product are polymeric components that are available in many different sizes and shapes as per the area of applications. These are commonly used in high temperature applications due to their high thermosetting properties. 

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